The National Catholic Educational Association creates an annual report that presents national data on Catholic elementary and secondary schools. Enrollment patterns, regional geographic trends, types and locations of schools, student and staffing demographic characteristics and student participation in selected education programs are reported. To ensure that the data is compiled in a timely fashion, schools must provide their information to the Archdiocese/ Diocese no later than Oct 1st 2014 and the combined data needs to be to the NCEA by Nov 3rd 2014.

This NCEA add-on application for PowerSchool is designed to use the data within PowerSchool to streamline this reporting process. Once data has been collected and entered into PowerSchool the application will consolidate and report the data for you.

This PowerSchool customization allows you to:

 Setup the District Wide Settings used for NCEA
 Enter and update school NCEA data
 Enter and update student NCEA data
 Enter and update staff NCEA data
 Enter composite data for schools not currently using PowerSchool
 Run school based reports
 Run Archdiocesan and Diocesan based reports

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