Discipline logs have been around a long time and most schools are still using them. But sometimes you want to change the way that page works in a way that the built in tools just can’t handle. We can edit your log pages to reflect what you want to show whether it’s a different look from one school to the next or a different look based on the log type. We have helped schools create the log interface that works for them.

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Demerit Calculation

Does your school calculate demerits manually? Some schools do because it’s not obvious how this can be done in PowerSchool. How about a demerit alert to allow you to see how many each student has? PowerSchool solutions have worked with schools to give them a solution for their demerit problems with several options on how to display that information in a way that’s easy for their users to see — when they need to see it. Need help with demerits? Talk to us and we’ll see if we can come up with a solution together!

Please email us at supportclg@goclg.com or call 888-466-5775.